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5 Essential accessories for your CNC router maintenance

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5 Essential accessories for your CNC router maintenance

Your CNC router machine is very important in the CNC workshop. For the boss, they are just like your excellent staffs; for CNC operators, they are good colleagues and friends. For the whole workshop, they are like a human heart. In day-to-day work, the wear and tear of some accessories are inevitable. If they can not work for some reason, it would cause huge losses to the company. Therefore, daily CNC machine maintenance is essential. Below we summarize five easy-to-wear CNC accessories for your reference. 

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1.CNC router bits 

CNC Routers use a variety of router bits. A CNC router bit is important because it will determine the type of carving that you do, the resolution of the finished piece and how fast your router can move through the material. But with a lot of work or improper operation, the tool is very easy to wear and damage. Therefore, we need prepare some backup cutting tools at hand.

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2.CNC collet 

Collets are manufactured from softer metal than tool-holders and feature special slots and cutouts allowing them to “collapse” and “spring” to tightly grip the cutting tool. As a result, they will wear out faster than the holders will. 

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3.CNC tool holder 

Toolholder wear can not only reduce accuracy but also quickly wear out cutting tools and risk damage to the machine spindle or the holder itself

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4.Automatic tool changer forks

CNC tool holder forks wear out over time.  If the HSK/ISO30/BT spindle is not clamping the tool properly, it may be the tool holder fork is worn which causes alignment issues.

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5.Vacuum suction pods and cover

The vacuum block pads are very suited for handling of workpieces in wood processing, such as furniture parts, floorboards, MDF, and particle board etc. CNC vacuum suction pods are widely used in the wood industry for vacuum suction clamp during machining, sanding etc with P.T.P. CNC machining center with vacuum pods bars. They are easy to find in Biesse,Homag CNC machine. If they are damaged, it will cause the workpiece to not clamp very tightly, affecting normal production.

RicoCNC offers a wide range of accessories for CNC machines. High quality is very important for us and our clients. We only deal with reputable suppliers. If you need CNC router parts above, please feel free to contact me.

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